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FunCity and PZAZZ FunClub loyalty program

FunClub is our easy-to-use reward system designed to enhance your experience at the PZAZZ! Entertainment Complex and increase your FUN! Earn spendable rewards, gifts, discounts and receive special offers exclusive to FunClub members! It's fast and easy to register, and if you already own a FunCity FunCard, you can transfer your points and value!

Win FunCity arcadium redemption tickets in our NEW FunClub birthday booth!
What are my rewards?
Cash Value back on your account and more!
  • Every 200 FunClub points earned gets you $1 back in credit on your FunClub account.
  • Redeem your points to spend at any PZAZZ! participating venue.
Exclusive, preferred access and special offers to the PZAZZ! Entertainment Complex!
  • Special discounts on dining and lodging.
  • Members-only entertainment offers
  • Birthday gifts
  • Exclusive monthly mailers
Your FunClub membership level is determined by your level of participation. The more you spend, the more you earn! Members will be evaluated and promoted monthly and will enjoy 12 months of extra benefits before the evaluation process begins again.

How do I earn FunClub points??
Members earn 10 points for every dollar spent on their FunClub Card at these participating venues.
  • PZAZZ! Resort Hotel
  • Catfish Bend Inn
  • Huck's Harbor Water Parks
  • Arcadium Arcade Emporium
  • LazerTown Lazer Tag Arena
  • ZOOM Speedway
  • KingPins Bowling Center
  • Boogaloo Cafe
  • Gasoline Allie's
  • Edgewater Grille
  • CocoLoco's Gift Shop
Members can earn even more points with sub-accounts!
  • Add family members, friends, employees and others.
  • All purchases made on your FunClub Sub-account cards will earn points for the Primary Cardholder account.
Note: Sub-account holders who are 18 years of age or older will be allowed to separate from the Primary Cardholder account and establish their own Primary Cardholder account.

How do I join the FunClub?
Sign up at the PZAZZ! Entertainment Complex!
Register at the FunCity Rotunda, located right inside the FunCity entrance. It's fast and easy! Stop in on your next visit!
What information do I need to join?
Adults 18 and older can register as the "Primary Cardholder" with a valid driver's license or state ID. We will swipe your ID, confirm your address, and secure secondary contact information, including your e-mail address. For security purposes, a unique identifying phone number for any members of the club registered under the Primary Cardholder account is required.
Already have a FunCity FunCard?
Simply bring in all of your existing FunCards to the FunCity Rotunda to obtain a FunClub account. We will transfer all existing points and value to your new FunClub account.

What if I lose my card?
Lost or stolen cards may only be re-activated or re-issued to the Primary Cardholder or parent. Lost or stolen cards can be de-activated immediately by the FunClub staff, even if a non-Primary Cardholder requests it and proves their identity. To re-issue a new replacement card loaded with accurate values, a parent or guardian must be present and show proper ID.

Can I view my account online?
Currently, FunClub accounts may not be viewed online. Please visit the FunCity Rotunda to receive updates on your account information.

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